Living out our Mission to Evangelise

Angelia Boey (seated centre) works at the Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE). The Office catalyses the baptised faithful to live out our mission to evangelise.

I have been with ONE as an events executive for almost two years, and am responsible for the logistics of the various formation programmes and retreats we organise. Through these events, we hope that the faithful will develop a closer relationship with Jesus.

Most of my primary and secondary school years were spent in a convent school. However, my family was steeped in Taoism and Buddhism where the mere mention of Jesus was forbidden. I remember that my then 20-year old sister was struck for speaking about Jesus after returning from church one evening. It was not till I was married that I felt safe enough to embrace the faith, and converted to Catholicism.

Still, my relationship with God was almost non-existent. Going for Sunday Mass was my only encounter of Him. Spontaneous prayers were few and said during times of dire need. Though I did not know it then, God was calling for a response to grow closer to Him.

When I left my part-time job to work full-time for ONE, I had few expectations. Little did I know that it would turn out to be an amazing discovery of God’s love. At our events, I recall Fr Terence Pereira emphasising the importance of spending an hour each day with the Lord. Deep within, I felt a stirring – the seeds had been sown.

Attending more talks at ONE introduced me to praying with the Scriptures, allowing me to listen to the Lord and share an intimacy with Him. Today, every prayer is such a beautiful encounter that I earnestly look forward to my prayer time with the Lord.

“But God not only heard me, He listened to my prayers. Blessed be God who neither ignored my prayer nor deprived me of his love” (Psalm 66:19-20). Seeking the Lord has become and will remain my life vocation. I still need to further my knowledge of God and His Church, but every day, by His grace, I am cheerfully learning and growing.

To anyone considering a vocation working in the Church, I would say, “Go for it!” It places you in a community where you offer your knowledge and skills to work, pray and grow together – you are never alone. It may not be heaven yet, but God is here.

Angelina Boey

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