The Arena of Dance

Dance: The rhythmic movement of one’s body.

A place where we can let go… and be free. Where one can exercise self-expression with their entire being – soul, mind, and body. For Claudine, however, dance has not only been a form of expression, but also a source of healing and restoration.

Claudine talks about how dance has brought about healing in her life, especially as she deals with the passing of her grandfather.

He becomes less of a ritualistic and legalistic God to me, but a God who is a whole lot more personal

The passing of her grandfather was a huge blow to Claudine. In her pain, grief, and guilt, Claudine ran away from the one thing that always gave her life – dance. She explored many different things, all in hopes of finding herself again. But nothing really put her heart at rest.

What she slowly discovered, was that the Lord was reaching out to her through the very avenue that she was running away from. In releasing the guilt that she carried and allowing herself to break free, Claudine experienced God’s graces and healing, and helped her gain a deeper understanding of her true dignity, realising that she is more than the grief, pain, and suffering that she carry within her.

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Moving with the Spirit

Claudine shares about how she was led towards discovering the purpose in her life.
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