In this video, Fr Jude David shares about his internal struggle into the priesthood. As the eldest son who had to help support the family in tough financial times, he did not receive the support to become a priest initially. He was torn between filial piety and vocation.

Ordination of Father Jude David

Yet sparked by the desire to be another Jesus to the world, and to incarnate the Spirit of God for humanity, Fr Jude went to the seminary to fulfill his calling. He recalls, “A vocation is not easy. A vocation is sacrifice; and the sacrifice is not just mine alone, it’s…our whole family.” He added,“God’s grace has been real and He has led me to where I am now.” Indeed, his call to be a priest is a privilege for him. “One Flock, One Shepherd” is his guiding principal to offer his best and give all that he can to the Church, for Her people.

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