Sharing Knowledge with All

Estella recognised the needs of the people, and it became clear to her how she could be of service to the Church with the gifts and talents she honed.

She has been a catechist for seven years now, imparting knowledge to both children and adults. She is also a solemnly professed lay member of the Dominican order. But more than that, she lives out the mission of evangelisation in her daily life. She participates in the Great Commission on a personal level through her relationships with friends and family members, encouraging them to persevere in the faith.

In this video, Estella shares how the work of evangelisation can begin from the heart of our homes.

Motherhood has allowed her to discover her ability of breaking down doctrines such that children can comprehend and better appreciate the Gospel. When she realised her gift was in communication, she used it as her primary mode of contributing to the Great Commission.

She shares that there is no divide between her personal and faith life. Instead, every aspect of her life ties in together, enriching her life as a whole. What motivates her to carry out the mission imparted to her, is her love for Christ. Identifying the importance for each of us to take ownership of our call to spread the Good News, she says “God has put each of us here on earth, to accomplish a specific task that only we ourselves can do.”

Estella also reminds us to remain faithful to the mission even as we experience trials along the way. “The Great Commission was never meant to be easy, but it is necessary. Sometimes the fruits may not be seen in our lives, but in the afterlife. Because when we touch hearts, we never know what those people will go on to do.”

Because when we touch hearts, we never know what those people will go on to do.

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