Never Alone

Fr Marin has been part of the Opus Dei community since his teenage years. He talks about how his priesthood has through the years, provided him with a sense of purpose and mission. “To be a priest as I see it, is to bring Christ and His love to people. You have to do it not only with your words, but with your life”, he says. He also talks about how his ministry has been a blessing to him, allowing him to see God moving in the lives of others.

In simply making themselves available, the companionship of the laity has been of support to him on this journey. Because of this, Fr Marin shares that he never feels alone. Furthermore, Our Lady has been close to him, granting him favours along the way. He encourages us to turn to Mary in times of difficulty, in confidence that she will be our help and guide.

Fr Marin also highlights the importance of finding support in each other. “We all need the support of others. That is why the Church exists”, he says.

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Let us pray

That priests be shepherds after the Lord’s heart, and nurture a devotion to Our Lady to guide them in times of struggle and challenge in their ministry.
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