Moving with the Spirit

“What it really means to me is to be able to use all I have. Not just my gifts, but my very presence; to use my life as testimony and witness. Just being myself, and allowing Christ to come out of it however the Spirit leads.” This is what Claudine believes to be the call of the Great Commission.

As she stood at the crossroads of her life, Claudine began to try to make sense of the purpose in her life. The passing of her grandfather made her realise that life is more than simply going through the motions. It birthed a hunger within her, to discover the purpose behind her existence.

In this video, Claudine shares about how she was led towards discovering the purpose in her life. As we listen to Claudine share about her journey, may we also open our hearts to discover our call to participate in the Great Commission.

In witnessing Br Nicholas dancing freely on stage at the SG50 Celebration helmed by the Catholic Church in 2015, Claudine realised that God can be found in many facets of life. It was at this point, that she prayed for her faith to have a specific mission field, one that is unique to her.

Claudine shares that in the quest to discover our meaning in life, it is important for us to grow in awareness of ourselves. That in doing so, our spirits will be sensitive to the Spirit of God. And through this, the ministry in which God desires for us to partake in will reveal itself. She encourages us to pray for the gift of wisdom, so that we may discover ways in which we can give of ourselves from where we are at.

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