Life as a Lay Dominican

In this video, Estella talks about the background of the Dominican Order, and her experiences as a lay Dominican.

While she had always been involved in formation groups, she found that she was in search for something more. She desired to have a more stringent theological formation, which she finally found in the Dominicans. She talks about the Dominican Spirituality, one that is rooted in prayer, acquiring knowledge, and imparting knowledge.

“The reason the Dominicans have so many ways of living out their charisms is because the charism of studying and preaching can be lived out in almost any mode of life”, she says. This is why there are priests, religious brothers, cloistered nuns, and the laity, to name a few. She also gives us insight into the difference between the being a religious sister and a lay Dominican.

“We each bring our own gifts to the Order. We have a common mission, but we preach in accordance with our states in life”, she says. Estella tells us that they are constantly on a look out for the present needs of the people. Their mission is to make Jesus known to the people, and to enable them to embrace the teachings of the Church.

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Sharing Knowledge with All

Estella talks about participating in the Great Commission as a catechist and in her daily life
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