Journeying to a Better Me

For Gabriel, being part of his community has truly shaped his life and enabled him to live more authentically. Gabriel is a member of Emmaus Walk, a young adults community homed in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Some of the community’s disciplines as highlighted by Gabriel, include checking in and bringing things to the light. These disciplines have been instrumental in allowing members of the community to dive deeper into their faith journeys.

Many of us hold secrets in our hearts and carry heavy burdens on our own. His community provides him with a safe space to share vulnerably, knowing that what is shared will be held in confidence. In bringing things to the light, the struggles no longer have a hold over the lives of the members. Instead, they welcome God into their struggles and allow Him to work in their lives. It also challenges him to look into areas of his life that God might be inviting him to surrender and grow in.

Gabriel shares how the spirit of authenticity and vulnerability in his community has made it possible for him to live his life without false pretence.

Gabriel’s friendships have also experienced growth in authenticity. The disciplines have enabled members of the community to be present with each other despite the struggles that each individual carries of their own. It has taught them how to hold space for the other especially in their weakness, but also to pray for each other as they go through different stages of their lives.

Gabriel also shares that his community life has enabled him to be more Christ-like in his daily life, especially in his interactions with others. Being able to check in with his cell group on-the-go allows him to be aware of the emotions that surface in trying situations, and keeps him rooted in moving forward in strength instead of spiralling in negativity.

He highlights the importance of being in a community that creates a safe environment for one to be who they truly are, sharing life and growing in faith together. While it is inevitable that tensions will rise, Gabriel encourages us to focus on Jesus and to allow God to meet us in our struggles. He shares that being in a community presents us with opportunities for us to practice our Christian virtues, and challenges us to live a life that is authentic and genuine towards the other.

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