God Does Not Forget you

There are many reasons for leaving the Church. Whatever they may be, the Lord is always calling us back to Him.

But coming back to Church after a long period of time may be one of the hardest things to do.

We think, “Forget it, the Church is not for me. God don’t want me, God forgot me.” The fear of judgement, feeling out-of-place, our unworthiness may prove too much for us to take that initial step to come back.

In this video, Adam shares how he realised all he needed to do was to reach out to Him and He will put all things in place. All this time, God was waiting to welcome him back home and to give him a new life.

Adam’s journey of coming back to the Father
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Welcoming Returning Catholics

If you have been away from the Church, come rediscover your Catholic faith and find the peace the world cannot give.
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