Since his young adult days, Fr Terence Kesavan has been an active member in Saint Francis Xavier (SFX) church, yet his discovery into priesthood was a challenging one. He couldn’t connect with any god-like moment and doubted even if God was real. At one point when he could not live in such dichotomy any longer and thought of leaving church, he sat in front of the Blessed Sacrament and prayed for God to “give (him) the experience, the encounter, that faith in (Him).”

Ordination of Father Terence Kesavan

The revelation came to him in a group sharing session, through the Bible verses found in 1 Peter 1:7, “For a while now, your faith will be tested. But just as gold that is tested in fire, your faith which is worth much more than that, will also be purified.” Such times of waiting assured Fr Terence that it is necessary for him to discern the call to priesthood as he continued to discover God’s love through the beauty of the faith.

Remembering such trials in his journey, he says, “It was as if God was taking the scales away from my eyes, and I started to see him working in my life. Not just the present, but also in the past where I couldn’t see before.”

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