Fr Jovita’s appreciation for the Church in Singapore

In this video, Fr Jovita shares that his time in Rome has enlightened him to the vibrancy of the Church in Singapore, thereby creating a greater sense of appreciation for it. Describing the characteristic of the Catholics in Singapore, he says “We still have that great awareness of the sacred. We know what is holy, then we respond to that holiness of God in our lives.”

He also asks that we continue to pray for all those who are studying or working in Rome, that they would remain faithful in their Christian journeys and rooted in their identity as Singaporean Catholics, while also keeping in mind the Universal Church.

Catching Up With – Fr Jovita Ho (Part 4/4 – Appreciate)

I think we have to really appreciate what we have in Singapore…

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Catching up with Fr Jovita: Part 1

Fr Jovita talks about his 5 year mark as a priest!
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How do I know if God is calling me?

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