What’s Your Worth?

In this 2nd video of a 4-part series, Fr Jovita encourages the students and young people.

Many of our young people are under tremendous stress. They have to sit through full days of classes and meet tight assignment deadlines, while juggling extra-curricular activities. Because of the high level of competition in society, students have their eyes set on the credentials and over time, place their identities on the grades that they achieve. When they do not achieve the grades that they hoped for, they often feel discouraged and some even question the value of their being.

Re-experiencing the life of a student in Rome, Fr Jovita encourages us to set our eyes beyond the credentials. Highlighting that every human person is worth more than their academic achievements, he says “The studies don’t define who we are. It can make us better, but it doesn’t make us who we are.”

Catching Up With Fr Jovita Ho (Part 2/4 – What’s Your Worth?)

Our life is worth more than that piece of paper, that piece of paper can bring us somewhere but it doesn’t define us.

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Catching up with Fr Jovita: Part I

Fr Jovita shares with us the highlights of his priesthood.
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