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Stories from RCIA Participants

Be inspired and start your journey with God.

Life after New Life

Five years ago, I was baptised into the Catholic Church at Church of Christ the King. Jesus picked me up during the darkest moment of my life and lovingly, He led me to a [...]

His Love, My Song

Even though I, like my father, attended Catholic missionary schools in my younger days, I was not drawn to the Catholic faith. It was only after the birth of my second child, Ambrose, when [...]

No Need for God

Tony was 40 when he discovered a sense of emptiness in his life. He was leading a smooth sailing life – good family, earning big bucks, no health crisis. Everything was good. However, nothing seemed to be able to fulfil the emptiness within him.

Souls’ Chef

Cooking is a passion I developed from my mother. I currently serve in the Kitchen & Service Ministry at Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC) following a very real, personal encounter with God during a CSC [...]

Depths of the Underworld and Back

You name it, chances are I have done it. I left school, without taking my ‘O’ Levels, to become a gang member. I was a pimp, a loan shark, chopped people during gang fights, [...]

A Story of Gratitude

This is a story of a man, who has jumped from one uniformed group to the next. When I was a boy, I was more fortunate than others. At least I had my father [...]

The Living Word

I received my first Bible as a gift from my wife who is a cradle Catholic back in 1998, a year before we were married. It laid in a pristine condition for a long [...]