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We are hardwired to tell stories. Jesus used parables to engage. Parents tell stories to children. Storytelling imparts wisdom to audience, in bite-sized portions. Stories help us make sense of a complex reality.

My journey through Depression

Discovering Self, Faith in Action|

"The world gave me many things, but the only thing I ever kept was absolute solitude.’’ Now, don’t get me wrong – there is a difference between isolation and loneliness. As the song goes, ‘’Sadness is beautiful, loneliness is tragical.’’

A Spirituality of Creation

Faith in Action, Listening to His Call|

After my schooling at St Joseph’s Institution in the late 1960’s, I worked as a Research Officer in a government office along Robinson Road. I was considered well paid in those days. I could afford a car and later a 650 Kawasaki motorcycle, which I treasured. But after some time, I was unhappy. As a young boy, I was always interested in nature and wildlife. I was also a member of the World wildlife Fund (WWF).

No man is an Island

Discovering Self, Video Stories|

Thongthot Yordsa-ard came to Singapore in hopes of establishing a better life for himself. While he was promised to have arrangements made for a passport and the permits required to come to Singapore, these turned out to be a lie. He soon found himself being smuggled into our country, living near a forested area, and working odd jobs just to get by.

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