I didn’t consider myself holy but I’m trying to be one. Back in the 1980s, I considered myself privileged to be a member of the Marian Crusade in my hometown where spreading of the Rosary was our utmost objective among the youth in Secondary School in Metro Manila. I was very active then until I graduated from university and had migrated to Singapore. Though my way of life didn’t change despite being busy in life and building my own family here in one of the most expensive cities on earth.

Steadfast in Praying the Rosary

Life goes on… though I never forsake my devotion to praying the Rosary.  In Singapore, I have been an active coordinator of the Rosary Group and annually, we celebrate the Month of Rosary during October, across Singapore, where all various groups joined together for Mass and Rosary Prayers.  It was indeed one way of honouring our Lady, to spread the Holy Rosary.

I didn’t know somehow that I’m so taken with our Heavenly Mother. Ohh that’s maybe because I have so many prayers granted under Her Maternal Intercession.  But there are too many to mention. That is a privilege She herself endows for those who trust in her.

Our Lady invites me

Five years ago, somehow I was invited to attend a local legion of Mary meeting in our Parish.  I don’t know but I just found my feet on the way to the room and listened throughout the meeting.

Honestly, I was not attracted to the way it was conducted though I continued attending for the second, third and fourth session… until I found myself forming another praesidium of our own languages.  I firmly believe it was the way our Lady wants to proceed.

“Go on my son and I will take care of the rest”. To date, we have five praesidia formed in our church in a span of five years.  That’s how Our Lady works. I remember then the “Memorare” that we pray after the Holy Rosary. The words “implored your help or sought your intercession was left unaided” struck me.

Jesus is my Strength

Once during Holy Mass, when I was contemplating quitting being Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion in our Parish for some personal reason, and when I received the Holy Communion itself that day, the Host seemed to be burning that I can’t swallow it as is. It was like freshly baked bread directly from the oven.  Quietly, I consumed the Blessed host on my tongue and tried to understand what it meant. As I consumed it, my heart felt the warmth of His Love and realised my thought of why I should abandon Him out of my own whim and fancy.  That incident changed my thinking. To date, I’m still serving the Lord as an Extraordinary Minister.

“All that I have, All that I am is Hers”

Look after my Legionaries

Two years ago, I had a vision of our Mother Mary in a dream.  It was a very, very clear vision of her. I have seen Our Lady’s face. She’s crying and so was I.  I cried with Her and told her to “look after the Legion”.  That time I was also thinking of leaving the praesidium due to work commitment and other personal reasons. Guess what? She replied by telling me “You look after my Legion?”  I was awakened and was unsure what all of these meant.

Few months later, I was given a task leading the bigger group of Legionaries in Curia.  It was a heavy burden on my shoulder to facilitate experienced legionaries with just a couple of years in the organisation.  I felt like David facing Goliath. But who am I to refuse my Commander in Chief?  After all, “All that I have, All that I am is Hers”.

To Jesus through Mary

Currently, being confined at home and at work due to Covid Pandemic, doesn’t stop me from doing Her work. Putting my trust and confidence in Her, everything in control and in the right direction as I point more souls to Jesus through Mary.

Like Sts Maximillain Kolbe, Dominic De Savio, John Don Bosco, Louis Marie De Monfort and other Mary’s Fool, I also wanted to be categorised under such. But only if She Wills.

Ronnie David
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