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Video Stories

Video Stories that will inspire you!

Christmas Tradition Close to my Heart

Kasia, from Poland, shares her mother's gingerbread cookies recipe with us! As part of her family tradition, Kasia and her parents attend four-day recollection masses. They also attend Rorate Masses (morning masses with candles) during Advent and make Advent resolutions.

Spreading God’s love in our own small little ways

After the passing of his dad, Harry spent a big part of his formative years in Boys' Town. “The religious Brothers were a very significant part of my upbringing. They played an adopted father. Moments of them teaching me, guiding me, giving me the opportunity to make all the mistakes that I want to make, in a safe environment.”

Listening with Empathy

Mark Tang shares about the people in his life holding space for him as he struggled with his faith.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Mr Lim Boon Heng shares about Servant Leadership and how Jesus provided the example that one should follow. Mr Lim Boon Heng shares one of [...]

Work: Gift or Chore?

Work: Gift or Chore? As a social entrepreneur, Audrey realises these 10 years would not have been possible, if not for the Lord's guidance and our Lady's protection. [...]

Whose Business Is It?

Tony believes that if we are interested in doing work for the Lord, He will provide and guide us.

Steadying My Core

Mark learnt that to integrate Faith and work is to simply bring the Spirit of Christ to those he meet.

Being Generous with God’s Gift

Raymundo used to think that giving back was through the means of money, but ever since the founding of ABLE he has since discovered the joy of making a difference on people's lives.

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