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Video Stories

Video Stories that will inspire you!

Knots of Our Relationships

Edwyn recounts an incident where he did one of the worst things one can ever do as a father – while in the midst of an argument, Edwyn asked his eldest son, David, to leave the house. And so, he did.

The Father of My Child

What is the role of a parent in a child’s life? More than providing for the physical needs of the child, it is to point them to the Father.

God showed me a Path

Growing up, with very devout parents, Darrell served as an altar boy, and even aspired to be a Priest. Somewhere towards his 15th birthday, he had an inexplicable draw towards music. Listen to Darrell share, at certain points of his life, he wanted to leave his craft altogether, but he never did. "Because every time I wanted to do so, someone pulled me back."

The Story of Our Lady of Fatima

In Spring of 1916, the Angel of Peace appeared to three shepherd children, preparing them for what is to come. The Angel taught them some prayers. The following year, Our Lady appeared to the three shepherd children six times from May – October 1917. 

Christmas Tradition Close to my Heart

Kasia, from Poland, shares her mother's gingerbread cookies recipe with us! As part of her family tradition, Kasia and her parents attend four-day recollection masses. They also attend Rorate Masses (morning masses with candles) during Advent and make Advent resolutions.

Spreading God’s love in our own small little ways

After the passing of his dad, Harry spent a big part of his formative years in Boys' Town. “The religious Brothers were a very significant part of my upbringing. They played an adopted father. Moments of them teaching me, guiding me, giving me the opportunity to make all the mistakes that I want to make, in a safe environment.”

Listening with Empathy

Mark Tang shares about the people in his life holding space for him as he struggled with his faith.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Mr Lim Boon Heng shares about Servant Leadership and how Jesus provided the example that one should follow. Mr Lim Boon Heng shares one of [...]

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