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To Jesus Through Mary

Mother Mary is our surest guide for leading us in our walk to Jesus.

My Mother and I

I spent most of my life not truly knowing Mary, even though I knew all of her prayers by heart. But a personal relationship with her only began a year ago, when I was struggling deeply with my history with men.

Meeting His Gaze

I used to have a close relationship with my mother. I remember coming home from school each day and sharing the events of my day while she was prepping food or doing laundry in the kitchen.

Is Mary Real?

I was born in a non-Christian family, with parents who are devout Buddhists. As I grew, I had a negative impression of Christianity due to the - to put it bluntly - 'cheap marketing' of Jesus by the Evangelicals and Pentecostals.

Drawn Back by Love

As I poured my heart out in confession, I felt enveloped by love, by a strong hug that didn’t want to let go of me. I knew I had come back into the arms of my Lord.

My Mother was there all along

My first knowledge of Mary was when I was eight. Came in the form of a Beatles’ song where dad would play every weekend at home on those sing-along huge karaoke dvds.

To the Son through the Mother

The first day of the year [or the 8th day of Christmas :)] also marks a special day for us Catholics - the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God. The Virgin Mary who in her singular act of submission and faith at the annunciation carried the Christ, the Saviour, in her womb for nine months; who in her motherhood nurtured the Prince of Peace.

The Road to Carmel

As I opened the door and walked into the Carmelite monastery, I was immediately overwhelmed by a sense of serenity and solitude. It was my third time visiting the monastery and I am still amazed by the pristine surroundings on the top of a hill. Indeed, many come here to seek peace and quiet in these sequestered grounds, away from the hustle

Why Have You Still Not Thought of Becoming My Priest? – Fr JJ Fenelon

I would like to start off by saying that when we normally talk about one’s vocation story, it is always said in the past tense like it is a one-time incident and that’s it. But I would like to look at my vocation story not in the past tense but as a vocation call to the priesthood which is part of my salvation story because everything in my past helped lead to that point when I finally answered the call to the priesthood.

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