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To Jesus Through Mary

Mother Mary is our surest guide for leading us in our walk to Jesus.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

I was born a cradle Catholic, but I was never religious or put much faith into prayers or the Catholic Church. After my confirmation, church became less important to me, though we still attended mass on Sundays. However, as I had never devoted myself to prayer, I strayed from the Church for a fairly long period of time. All of this changed when I lost my father in November of 2015.

Humble and little in the hands of God

One quiet evening, I was watching the lighted fountains outside Vivocity with my son, Evan. At 10 months old, Evan is fascinated with water features, and so were many children other getting themselves soaked by standing over the fountain jets.

Mary’s Fool

Back in 1980s, I consider myself privileged to be a member of Marian Crusade in my hometown where spreading of the Rosary was our utmost objectives among the youth in Metro Manila.

Healing is in Your hands

The Healing Priest was very much in demand and was unable to come to the hospital to see my daughter, but a man came by and said to him: “Father, where do you want to go today, I have my car and I am free to drive you anywhere” 

Ask, and it will be Given You

My COVID-19 ordeal started four days after I arrived home from the UK at the end of March. I was not tested on arrival, so the moment I got home, I disinfected my luggage and self-isolated in my room as not to put the other six members of my household at risk.

My Mother was there all along

My first knowledge of Mary was when I was eight. Came in the form of a Beatles’ song where dad would play every weekend at home on those sing-along huge karaoke dvds.

God’s gift to me

Six years ago, I converted to Catholicism. Through my experience of motherhood, I can see how the Lord has patiently and lovingly prepared me to receive and know him personally.

You did not choose me, but I Chose You

It all began with growing up in a faith-filled family. Saturday mornings – a time when most kids would be with their parents at the beach or park. Yet, I was in the middle pews at the Novena Church with my parents, attending the Novena Services - having to memorise and say the novena prayers.

The Story of Our Lady of Fatima

In Spring of 1916, the Angel of Peace appeared to three shepherd children, preparing them for what is to come. The Angel taught them some prayers. The following year, Our Lady appeared to the three shepherd children six times from May – October 1917. 

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