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We are hardwired to tell stories. Jesus used parables to engage. Parents tell stories to children. Storytelling imparts wisdom to audience, in bite-sized portions. Stories help us make sense of a complex reality.

He is For Me

Encountering God|

For me, Treasure was about encountering the Lord in a deep and profound way, rediscovering the person of Jesus and falling irrevocably in love with Him. God revealed Himself slowly to me during the [...]

An Unexpected Delivery

Faith in Action|

In November 2016, Madam Yati (not her real name) flew from Indonesia to Singapore for a brief respite. She was invited by a friend to visit and was hoping the short holiday here would [...]

His Immense Love for Me

Encountering God|

I signed up for Treasure to firstly rediscover my relationship with Jesus and secondly, to receive healing from some difficult events that happened to me last year. It had been awhile since I set [...]

A Crack for Creation

Faith in Action|

Inspired by the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on Sept 1, as well as the growing call to care for our environment Cecilia vowed to think green. But it was certainly no walk in the park, as she found out.

Sharing through Baking

Faith in Action|

15 years ago, Lynie Porras Silao arrived in Singapore, excited and anxious about her new life working here. "Like many Filipinos," she explained, "when you are a bit scared, the first place you go [...]

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