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Listening to His Call

Do you hear Him calling you? How would you listen and respond to His Call then? Is it your vocation to serve him?

Why would someone be moved to dedicate their life in service of others?

This section of the website is about Vocation Stories in Singapore. Each story tell of the personal struggles that each person faced and how through the grace of God, these people are able to fulfil God’s will for them and also fulfil their call to the priestly or religious life.

Follow the Good Shepherd who calls you by name

Being in OFC has not only enriched my prayer life, but has deepened my understanding of discipleship. While I still experience challenges and discouragement, I realise that He gives me a chance to grow in faith and trust every day.

Commitment to serve God and His Church

Ultimately, working in the Church is not just an occupation, but a vocation. It is a commitment to serve God and His Church. I can see that this is truly the path that the Lord has called me to, and it is a journey that has brought me closer to Him.

Dedicated Service for the Church

My ten-year journey with ACCS started when I felt the need for a change. I had almost 18 years of experience in the preschool sector, but it was with a large secular organisation.

Spreading God’s love in our own small little ways

After the passing of his dad, Harry spent a big part of his formative years in Boys' Town. “The religious Brothers were a very significant part of my upbringing. They played an adopted father. Moments of them teaching me, guiding me, giving me the opportunity to make all the mistakes that I want to make, in a safe environment.”

A Passion for Missions

Ever wondered how a life of a lay missionary looks like, and what would move a young person to live a life completely devoted to being a living witness of Christ’s love?

Called to Serve the Poor

While thoughts on mission trips lingered on my mind, going on such trips was never my top choice as they seemed labour-intensive and lacking in comfort.

My Help: Mary, Help of Christians

Charlene hardly had a relationship with Mary our Mother. But who knew that her first encounter with the Helper of Christians would be life-changing?

A Matter of Love

I realised soon after that their underlying problem was not the lack of material things. It was a matter of love. I knew that my stay in Philippines to serve the poorest of the poor has to be for life.

Software to Godware

I was earning a good salary and I got to explore my passion for computer programming languages. But surprisingly, I was being led to something more. I felt a calling to the religious life.

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