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Listening to His Call

Do you hear Him calling you? How would you listen and respond to His Call then? Is it your vocation to serve him?

Why would someone be moved to dedicate their life in service of others?

This section of the website is about Vocation Stories in Singapore. Each story tell of the personal struggles that each person faced and how through the grace of God, these people are able to fulfil God’s will for them and also fulfil their call to the priestly or religious life.

Mary’s Fool

Back in 1980s, I consider myself privileged to be a member of Marian Crusade in my hometown where spreading of the Rosary was our utmost objectives among the youth in Metro Manila.

A Spirituality of Creation

After my schooling at St Joseph’s Institution in the late 1960’s, I worked as a Research Officer in a government office along Robinson Road. I was considered well paid in those days. I could afford a car and later a 650 Kawasaki motorcycle, which I treasured. But after some time, I was unhappy. As a young boy, I was always interested in nature and wildlife. I was also a member of the World wildlife Fund (WWF).

From The Wilderness, Back To Church – Fr Justin Yip

When the priest held up the Host during the Eucharistic Prayer and said the words that Jesus himself said, I broke down and cried uncontrollably. At that point in time, it was like Jesus – in the Blessed Sacrament – was asking me, “Where have you been all these years? I have been here all along, waiting for you to come back.”

God’s Jigsaw Piece

I am very close to my cousin who is just a year younger than me. Growing up, we spent many weekends together at my aunt’s place doing practically anything that children may do back then – pretend play, cycling and hide-and-seek just to name a few. This was all before personal devices were in the hands of both adults and children alike, of course.

If you love me, feed my sheep – Br Bernard Tng

A bit of a background of my ministry involvement, I joined the altar servers at Nativity as my parents decided to move to Seng Kang from Telok Blangah. Since St Anne's Church was undergoing [...]

You did not choose me, but I Chose You

It all began with growing up in a faith-filled family. Saturday mornings – a time when most kids would be with their parents at the beach or park. Yet, I was in the middle pews at the Novena Church with my parents, attending the Novena Services - having to memorise and say the novena prayers.

We live by the choices we make in life! – Br Clarence Yue

Most of us are familiar with the parable about the rich young man who probably lived a righteous life and sought for more. However, when Jesus asked him to sell all he had and follow him, the rich young man went away sad and downcast because he was a man of much treasures (riches). Two words feature prominently: “treasures” and “choices”. 

Raising a Generation for Christ

I find Jesus challenging me every day. Whether it is meeting young people on campus or simply fixing a broken light, there is something new that Jesus wants to show me.

Living out our Mission to Evangelise

Seeking the Lord has become and will remain my life vocation. I still need to further my knowledge of God and His Church, but every day, by His grace, I am cheerfully learning and growing.

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