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Faith in Action

What better way to tell Jesus we love him, then to live our life in the Faith that we embrace so dearly.

Whose Business Is It?

Tony believes that if we are interested in doing work for the Lord, He will provide and guide us.

Steadying My Core

Mark learnt that to integrate Faith and work is to simply bring the Spirit of Christ to those he meet.

Being Generous with God’s Gift

Raymundo used to think that giving back was through the means of money, but ever since the founding of ABLE he has since discovered the joy of making a difference on people's lives.

Drawing on His Faith

How does Tom Gould, the funny man behind the Tomics cartoon series, keep up his output?

A Matter of Love

I realised soon after that their underlying problem was not the lack of material things. It was a matter of love. I knew that my stay in Philippines to serve the poorest of the poor has to be for life.

Software to Godware

I was earning a good salary and I got to explore my passion for computer programming languages. But surprisingly, I was being led to something more. I felt a calling to the religious life.

Discovering God’s Call through Mission

The significance of my participation in ACTS’ mission trips goes beyond helping others, evangelising and sharing the love of God. Those overseas missions changed my life because it introduced me to the Salesian Sisters and played a key role in leading me to discover God’s call.

My Dream for Refugees

My dream is for these people to one day return to their own country with dignity and identity. I dream that there will no longer be any religious discrimination or discrimination between rich and poor – where each person will be respected, regardless of whether he is a businessman or fisherman, and live in a family of love.

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