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Encountering God

Be inspired and take a closer walk with God with these inspiring God moments.

A Mother’s Day to Remember

In the last days of March, my son Jonathan tested positive for COVID-19 four days after he returned from London where he was doing postgraduate studies, and one day into the 14-day Stay Home Notice period my husband and I were serving because of our overseas trip.

All I have is Yours

“I am all yours, my Queen, my Mother, and all that I have is yours.” This line is what a Legionary says during our annual consecration to Mother Mary. We go up individually or in pairs to make our individual consecration of our lives to Mary.

This is what the Lord wants of me

Amanda shares about her attraction to the religious life, despite an initial reluctance to it. She invites youths to ask, 'What do you want of me, God? And be sincere about it.' Then, she was inquiring with the Carmelites, yet she wanted to stick to her own plan. 

We live by the choices we make in life! – Br Clarence Yue

Most of us are familiar with the parable about the rich young man who probably lived a righteous life and sought for more. However, when Jesus asked him to sell all he had and follow him, the rich young man went away sad and downcast because he was a man of much treasures (riches). Two words feature prominently: “treasures” and “choices”. 

Love that binds

When I was growing up, I had what many would consider a privileged lifestyle. I had tons of toys and branded clothes, attended enrichment programmes, and travelled the world with my parents. Yet, I always felt sad and empty as if there was something missing in my life.

In Search of Hope

Growing up, Roland was often left alone to his own devices as his parents were busy at work, he was distracted from studies with activities such as drinking and hanging out with his friends. At Boys' Town, he found his purpose in life – to help and serve others.

Into the COVID-19 Battlefield

Michelle shares her reflection and sentiments upon hearing that her best friend is about to be sent into the designated COVID-19 virus wards to assist those afflicted by the virus.

When God has other plans for You

My world fell apart 15 years ago when I found out that my husband was having an affair and had fathered a child with this woman. It felt as though a sword had pierced through my heart and whatever trust I had in him was destroyed.

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