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Encountering God

Be inspired and take a closer walk with God with these inspiring God moments.

Passion for her mission

Every Monday, Mrs Mary Wee visits her Friends in Need (FINs) and the homebound in the East. She also visits residents at St Vincent’s Home and St Joseph’s Home weekly to pray with them. Her daughter-in-law joins her and plays an active role in her outreach at St Vincent’s Home now.

God has a Purpose for Me

Eight years ago, I started my RCIY journey at the Church of St Ignatius, I was just 15 years old then when my family encouraged me to join the ministry to enquire more about the Catholic Faith.

Loving My Angry Father

“My father does not love us”, I believed. “He is responsible for tearing my family apart”. This incident left a mark on our relationship, and I began to live the coming days with a deep-seated anger brewing within. I was not interested in his life and was happy that he seemingly wasn’t interested in mine, either. This strained relationship between my earthly father and I soon grew to impact the way I viewed God as Father.

Knots of Our Relationships

Edwyn recounts an incident where he did one of the worst things one can ever do as a father – while in the midst of an argument, Edwyn asked his eldest son, David, to leave the house. And so, he did.

God showed me a Path

Growing up, with very devout parents, Darrell served as an altar boy, and even aspired to be a Priest. Somewhere towards his 15th birthday, he had an inexplicable draw towards music. Listen to Darrell share, at certain points of his life, he wanted to leave his craft altogether, but he never did. "Because every time I wanted to do so, someone pulled me back."

God healed my weak Heart

One Sunday during Children's Mass online, Fr Terence Kesavan asked us parents to share with our children the story of what God has done for us personally that results in our strong faith in God.  

My Mother’s Best Gift to Me

Growing up as a cradle Catholic and in an interfaith family, one question I always had was, “Why was I baptised a Catholic?” Dragging myself out of bed to attend Catechism classes and Sunday Masses, as I look enviously at my older sister, who was a free-thinker, sleeping in – I wished that I was not a Catholic so that I did not have to abide by such rules and obligations. 

Ask, and it will be Given You

My COVID-19 ordeal started four days after I arrived home from the UK at the end of March. I was not tested on arrival, so the moment I got home, I disinfected my luggage and self-isolated in my room as not to put the other six members of my household at risk.

The Story of Our Lady of Fatima

In Spring of 1916, the Angel of Peace appeared to three shepherd children, preparing them for what is to come. The Angel taught them some prayers. The following year, Our Lady appeared to the three shepherd children six times from May – October 1917. 

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