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Encountering God

Be inspired and take a closer walk with God with these inspiring God moments.

Healing is in Your hands

The Healing Priest was very much in demand and was unable to come to the hospital to see my daughter, but a man came by and said to him: “Father, where do you want to go today, I have my car and I am free to drive you anywhere” 

They showed me the path to a better future

An articulate young man, 21 year old Kannan s/o Rajamohan wants to “do an InfoComm-related course in the Polytechnic” after serving his National Service. Filled with youthful hopes and dreams, he is raring to ‘conquer the world’.

Coping with Grief through Faith

Greg and Elizabeth Krygsman lost their 24-year-old son suddenly in 2015. They were blessed to have family and friends come together to help with the arrangements for sending Andrew off. Yet, despite the support [...]

God’s Jigsaw Piece

I am very close to my cousin who is just a year younger than me. Growing up, we spent many weekends together at my aunt’s place doing practically anything that children may do back then – pretend play, cycling and hide-and-seek just to name a few. This was all before personal devices were in the hands of both adults and children alike, of course.

Ask, and it will be Given You

My COVID-19 ordeal started four days after I arrived home from the UK at the end of March. I was not tested on arrival, so the moment I got home, I disinfected my luggage and self-isolated in my room as not to put the other six members of my household at risk.

Why SSVP inspires me

While preparing for my Confirmation at the Church of St Teresa, I opted to join the SSVP Conference in July last year as an Auxiliary member as part of my ministry attachment.

God’s gift to me

Six years ago, I converted to Catholicism. Through my experience of motherhood, I can see how the Lord has patiently and lovingly prepared me to receive and know him personally.

My Education as a Catholic parent in a Catholic School

When I got married at the tender age of 24, just three months after graduating from university, I unwittingly signed my future spiritual life away by promising, in the presence of the priest who would marry my husband and me in the Catholic church, to raise any children God would gift us in the Catholic faith.

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