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Encountering God

Be inspired and take a closer walk with God with these inspiring God moments.

Finding Christ During National Service

Often perceived as a waste of two whole years and a hindrance to one’s freedom and advancement in life, many dread the thought of National Service. With the exhaustion, lack of time for self and other factors, it can seem almost impossible for one to experience God and growth in faith during this period of time – is it?

Deliver Me!

I desperately needed to change my job. Then three miracles took place very quickly within a very short period of time, which changed our lives completely and truly showed us the Lord’s love for us and how He watches over us.

My Father: My Hero and Role Model

A few hours before he passed on, Father whispered to me “Child, bless me. I will sleep soon.” My heart skipped a beat. Blinking away the tears that were threatening to come, I asked, “Did [...]

You Are Still My First Love – Br Brandon Ng

I was given an image of two different cars – one representing Marriage and the other, Priesthood. It was clear that both cars would lead me on a blessed journey and an awesome ride, yet I could only choose one.

His Passion for Me

When I was younger, Good Friday or the Passion of the Lord, was just another ordinary day for me. The whole season of Lent did not have much impact on me even when I [...]