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Discovering Self

God created us for a reason. Do we know the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with?

See How They Love

Having experienced God’s unconditional love in their lives, Brandon and Samantha share how it has changed the way they build authentic relationships with each other in their marriage and in their community.

Depths of the Underworld and Back

You name it, chances are I have done it. I left school, without taking my ‘O’ Levels, to become a gang member. I was a pimp, a loan shark, chopped people during gang fights, [...]

The Camino de Santiago: A Metaphor for Marriage

The Camino is neither a hike nor a holiday, but a journey into ourselves through the Gate of the Sheepfold, the Way to Life. (Fr Augusto Losada Lopez, Parish of Santiago Peregrino de Triacastela, Galicia) [...]

The Outsider

Do you ever long for the day where people won’t cram you into their own narrative—defining who you should be without ever getting to actually know you? I long for this day—deeply. I am [...]

The Freedom to Love as God Loves Us

Eugene and Trillion have been married for 20 years and have three boys aged between 14 and 18, the fruits of their love and God’s gift to them. They hadn’t heard about Humanae Vitae [...]

Journeying to a Better Me – Gabriel

Journeying to a Better Me For Gabriel, being part of his community has truly shaped his life and enabled him to live more authentically. Gabriel is a member of Emmaus Walk, a [...]

The Truth About Contraceptives

Corey, a medical doctor and his wife, Julie, are Couple Empowerment Programme (CEP) presenters who have taken the Humanae Vitae (HV) charter and are currently among the first batch of 50-plus students of the [...]

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