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Discovering Self

God created us for a reason. Do we know the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with?

I’m Gonna Let My Light Shine

I am me. And just like everyone else, I want to be loved and accepted exactly the way I am; with my faults, my strengths, and with my joy for the world!

Listening with Empathy

Mark Tang shares about the people in his life holding space for him as he struggled with his faith.

One Identity

Clara shares how she strives to place all the areas of her life under the lordship of Jesus after her encounter with the Lord

Walking the Field of Stars

What does a city girl hope to find on a 1,000-year-old pilgrim’s route? Rachel trudged through a 34-day, 790km walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and shares her story.

Being Gay and Catholic

People have asked me, what it is like to be gay and Catholic, two groups of people that are so diametrically opposed to each other, and yet I embody both identities. Identity. Do I struggle with it? Yes.


“The Lord has looked with favour on His lowly servant.” - Luke 1:48 My fellow Postulants and I chose these words from Scripture for the theme of our initiation into Postulancy. These are the [...]

Youth Will Find A Way

In 2012, *Jane was running around with undesirable peer groups and had a poor relationship with her mother. She came from an unstable background as her parents were divorced and she was staying in [...]

Raising Children through a Divorce

When Joanne Lee entered into marriage, she did so with full commitment and a belief that she and her husband would grow old together. It wasn’t some celebrity coupling that she could give up [...]

Put God First and He will Provide

Growing up in the Catholic faith, Bernard* had always thought that, when he got married, it would be a union that would last a lifetime. That belief was further strengthened when he fell in love [...]

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