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Discovering Self

God created us for a reason. Do we know the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with?

My journey through Depression

"The world gave me many things, but the only thing I ever kept was absolute solitude.’’ Now, don’t get me wrong – there is a difference between isolation and loneliness. As the song goes, ‘’Sadness is beautiful, loneliness is tragical.’’

No man is an Island

Thongthot Yordsa-ard came to Singapore in hopes of establishing a better life for himself. While he was promised to have arrangements made for a passport and the permits required to come to Singapore, these turned out to be a lie. He soon found himself being smuggled into our country, living near a forested area, and working odd jobs just to get by.

Welcome to the Family

Fhely came to Singapore when she was merely 23 years old to work, in order to be able to provide for her family back at home in the Philippines. God, in His goodness, placed her with the Chua family who welcomed and loved her like family – as she did with them too. The sentiments between the Chua family and Fhely are not so much of employee-employer ties, but one of mother-daughter and sister-to-sister.

To love and to be loved

Last year, I failed a clinical internship for my dream job when my low mood and thoughts impacted my work performance. This was a final blow for me, following a series of other difficult life events within a few months. It felt like everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.

Called My Name

An original song written to claim God’s never-failing love that enables us to rise whenever we fall.

Let Jesus Guide Our Hearts

Three things asked of us during Lent are praying, fasting, and almsgiving. Almsgiving is actually the most difficult task of the three because we are called to give without being calculative, and to give more than just money.

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