Amin, 29, was involved in a road traffic accident in April 2017. He sustained a traumatic brain injury, extensive nerve damage in his left shoulder and facial fractures. Thanks to the early referral by NUH’s Medical Social Worker, Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations’ (ABLE) therapists conducted a pre-discharge screening before Amin’s hospital discharge. Amin underwent a series of surgical procedures before starting rehabilitation at ABLE in September 2017.

Amin works as a maintenance technician with Mega Adventure, an outdoor adventure company located in Sentosa. Given the extent of Amin’s injuries and lead time for recovery, returning directly to his job is not viable in the short-term. The therapists and Return to Work (RTW) coordinator have been working closely with Amin’s employer to understand his work duties and environment, which enabled joint goal-setting for rehabilitation.

Amin, with ABLE Physiotherapist, Nicola Ying, and Occupational Therapist, Cheng Shuet Fong at his worksite

Before I met with a road traffic accident, I had been doing facilities maintenance work at Mega Adventure for almost a year. After I stopped working, my mother had to take up a job as a car park attendant. I hope to return to work soon so that my mother, who is in her 50s, would not have to work anymore. My supervisors and colleagues have been very supportive, and I feel blessed to have a stable job to return to. Even though I am returning to the same workplace, my new job scope will be slightly different from what I used to do. I am very excited to return to work and to learn new things. I believe that persons with disabilities should get out of their comfort zone if they truly want to understand what they are capable of doing. No one should let their disability prevent them from doing things that others believe they cannot do.

Amin is making good progress. In anticipation of his return to work, his rehabilitation has largely focused on building up his strength, endurance and balance specific to the demands of his work. Due to the nature of Amin’s work, therapists frequently visit his worksite to gain a better understanding of the terrain and environment that he will be returning to. This includes him walking on gravel, up and down steep slopes, working at height and walking across water pontoons. Due to his injuries as well as the increased physical demands that will be placed on him, therapy has also focused on postural control, awareness and education to both Amin and his employer.

Amin’s employer is very supportive of his therapy. Mega Adventure sponsors part of Amin’s medical and rehabilitation-related expenses to offset his financial outlay. His supervisor and work colleagues have kindly catered for accommodations to Amin’s condition, providing flexibility in his assigned job tasks and working schedule. A simulated work station has even been set up at his workplace for Amin to practise his skills, and continue work hardening whilst at work.

ABLE is blessed to work with employers like Amin’s. It is only through close partnerships with supportive employers that ABLE may fulfil its social mission – to enable the physically challenged to live with dignity and to have a productive, meaningful and independent life.

ABLE seeks to enable and empower persons with physical disabilities to live productive, meaningful and independent lives.

If you are an employer or influence employment opportunities in your organisation, ABLE would be happy to explore employment opportunities for our Return-To-Work clients with you. Learn more about ABLE.

ABLE is a member organisation of Caritas Singapore.

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