Going to Church every Sunday does not make us Christians. As Christians, we are called to live our lives for others, just as Christ did.

It was sometime in 2015 when one of us started talking about taking on another ministry, doing some volunteer work, some corporal work of mercy.



During the weekdays, my mind is preoccupied with work. And weekends are my time, for me to just chill out and not do anything except maybe laze around, do some exercise, watch television! After all, we are already helping out in a few church ministries.

Isn’t that enough?

As Christians, we say we love God. But St John calls us liars if we claim to love God who we cannot see and yet not love our neighbours who we can see. (1 John 4:20)

Bernard and Jenny

We are always open to offer help to people around us. However, we do need to nudge and encourage each other from time to time, to go beyond ourselves and our comfort zones. Perhaps it was time for us to take a deeper look at our lives.

We were aware of the work that Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People (ACMI) have been doing – the skills training courses that they provide for migrants. But the ACMI training centre was in Hougang, over in the North-East region of Singapore, and we were staying all the way in the West! It would take us at least four hours to travel to and fro by public transport.

When God plants the seed, He also removes the obstacles. In 2015, ACMI was relocated to Toa Payoh which is much nearer from home and travelling time was cut by half! So there was no excuse not to volunteer now.

We started helping out during the ACMI graduation ceremony in December 2015 and since then, we have been volunteering in the computer training courses.

Within a year, we came to know some of the domestic workers and listened to their stories. It is heartening to hear how some of them enjoy and have a good relationships with their employers, and how their employers genuinely want them to learn new skills and improve themselves.​

What amazes us most is how talented these domestic workers are, as trainers themselves. After learning the skills, they want to train and empower their fellow migrant workers.

We think this paying-it-forward attitude, sharing what they have learnt, is something we can learn from them. Whatever talents that God has given to us, we are called to grow and multiple, not to bury the talents and return them to God unused in mint condition. (Matthew 25:25)

Bernard and Jenny
This story first appeared on ACMI website.
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