“Miss, can you help me? Can you bring my daughter, granddaughter and grandson to see Mama Mary please?”, she asked in a meek voice as she gently placed her hand on mine. In the midst of much chaos, I felt her touch and when I turned, my gaze fell on an elderly lady in her 80s.

Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC) held a Day of Recollection (DOR), in conjunction with the visit of the Centennial Image of Our Lady of Fatima. Being in the service team, and having to manage the multitudes present on that day, I suggested that they wait till evening when the hall will be opened to the public.

At this, the elderly lady tightened her grip and explained it took them almost three hours to get there. She explained her grandson is a child with special needs. Because of this, he gets agitated and restless easily in crowded places and it will be difficult for them to wait for hours.

Clenching her rosary, she whispered to me, “You only need to bring them to see Mama Mary. I just want him to look into the eyes of Mama Mary. That is all. I do not need to see her. I will just sit here and pray.”

Deeply touched by the lady’s earnestness and persistence, I agreed. Together with the boy’s mother and sister, I led the three of them to the side door. His mother gently lifted up his chin and urged him to look at the statue of Our Lady, “Look, look at Mama Mary.” He looked up, with saliva drooling down his chin. After a minute or so, his mother turned to me and said, “It is enough. Thank you!”

As we returned to the elderly lady, I was prompted to give my scapular to the boy; even though I knew only a religious or priest could wear it on others. I sought his mother’s permission and she replied that he doesn’t like any accessories round his neck. They have tried putting on necklaces with holy medals and scapulars previously; he would rip them off almost immediately and have a meltdown. But the prompting grew stronger still, so I repeated my request and his mother relented.

Showing him the scapular, I told the boy that Jesus and Mama Mary would like to bless him. I asked him to kiss the scapular and carefully placed it over his head. Midway through, he trembled. I held my breath and his mother braced herself for the worst.

Never did we expect, the boy took the scapular and placed it on his chest. In a low voice, he murmured, “Jesus, Mama Mary, heal me.” His family broke into tears of joy, as they have never heard him utter a single word in his life.

As I bid them goodbye, I was totally in awe and blessed to partake in this miracle. As I pondered, the scriptures came alive for me! Just as Jesus was amazed at the centurion’s faith, I was deeply moved by the great faith of the elderly lady who trusted in the Lord, knowing that the Lord and His Mother will answer her prayers. She did not need to see the statue of Our Lady, but just to remain fervent in prayer.

Truly, God our Father, Jesus and Mama Mary are real! They are alive! Praise God forevermore!

Jenny Joan Lee
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