While preparing for my Confirmation at the Church of St Teresa, I opted to join the SSVP Conference as an Auxiliary member as part of my ministry attachment.

Through this experience, I understood the values of kindness and compassion by serving the less fortunate, including the financially disadvantaged, and those with mental and physical challenges.

I would wake up early every first Sunday of the month to help with the distribution of cash and rations and to serve breakfast to the FINs. I was also allowed to interview some of the FINs – to learn more about the challenges they face.

Some time ago, I was granted the privilege of visiting St Joseph’s Home. During the visit, our SSVP members captivated the residents by giving out Monopoly money which they used to ‘buy’ treats from us.

We distributed snacks and tidbits such as green bean soup and siew mai. The Home overflowed with the Lord’s joy.

These experiences which seemed unique to SSVP have broadened my horizons as a member of the Society as well as a member of the church. It has allowed me to fully appreciate charity, the nature of generosity and its virtues as well as how we, as a society, can truly come together to make things better because we share our privileges with those who need it. Going forward, I will consider becoming a full member of SSVP if my school schedule permits. 

Isabelle Chan
Written by Laura Chua
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