I was born a cradle Catholic, but I was never religious or put much faith into prayers or the Catholic Church. After my confirmation, church became less important to me, though we still attended mass on Sundays. However, as I had never devoted myself to prayer, I strayed from the Church for a fairly long period of time. All of this changed when I lost my father in November of 2015.

My foundation was shaken

Upon the passing of my late father, I had lost the most important anchor in my life. I started to spiral into the abyss of grief and depression, not knowing who I could turn to for support. Even though I started attending mass again, the spiritual battle was ever present, as I had no faith.

Ironically, it was during this time that my oldest brother, after visiting the Carmelite nuns, had brought back a booklet on the 33 days of consecration to Our Lady for the Feast of the Assumption.

Consecration to Our Lady Began

I began reading the 33 days to Morning Glory booklet and praying more, the rosary constantly as my companion on the worst days. I completed the 33 days, and in August 2017, attending the Feast of the Assumption, gave myself over to Our Lady’s care. From that day, life changed. I was praying the rosary on one evening, when different coloured nun robes were shown to me. Instinctively, I knew it was a call to serve, I said ‘yes’ and trusted Our Lady to show me the way.

We normally attend Sunday morning mass, but on that day, as mum was unwell,  we attended the evening mass instead and was very early. One of the sisters – Sr Beatrice, who was on rosary duty that day, asked if I could assist, and I agreed. Whilst we were waiting, she turned and quite suddenly asked me, if I wanted to join the Legion of Mary. Without hesitation, I knew and felt it was Our Lady’s hand guiding me, so I said ‘yes’.

Praying for God to change Brother’s Heart

Since the time I joined the Legion of Mary, changes started to occur within the family. My youngest brother was very reluctant to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and was keeping a company of friends who would often drink heavily, and he would stay out till wee early hours of the morning, coming home drunk. He also had a habit of cursing as he walked past the altar.

But, instead of confronting him directly, I persisted in praying the rosary seeking Our Lady’s intercession and surrendering the problem into her blessed hands. Months later, he had a huge falling out with his friends, came home, visibly upset and confused, then asked me about receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Since that time, he now receives the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly. He also started to spend more time in charity work, is much calmer as a person and has completely stopped cursing in front of the altar.

Growing in Faith and Trust

I struggled very much with my faith from time to time, but throughout such times, I prayed the rosary asking for Our Lady’s help, and like the good Mother that she is, constantly guides me back gently. I had begun my journey not knowing much about the faith and it’s teachings, this too changed, as I grew in my faith and trust. My thirst for knowledge about the Church and its teachings, especially Marian Theology also grew.

Our Lady remembers me

My ‘go-to’ prayer daily when I am in need of much grace and help to get through the day is the ‘Flying Memorare’. It never ceases to amaze me, on how Our Lady comes to my aid and sees me through the various challenges. I am forever thankful to Our Lady and feel so blessed to have her in my life.

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