I started this journey as a person who has known Christ but slipped away from Him for 12 years.

Many times, I wanted to go back to my previous church, but my then boyfriend did not allow me to do so as his family was non-Christian. As the only son of the family, he thought that he cannot convert to Christianity at all.

Even after breaking up with him, I didn’t go church. I thought that I can achieve a lot even without Jesus in my life and I can still lead a fulfilling life. Besides that, I think that my sins can’t be forgiven and my mind-set was that sinners cannot go to church. This carried on for a few more months. One day I visited a Catholic church in Mexico, and I was touched.

Like some non-Catholics, I thought the Catholic faith was based on worshiping Mother Mary. My previous church preached strongly against Christians wearing crucifixes as there should not be any idols or statues. A few months later a friend shared with me the Catholic faith, he asked whether I was interested to go Mass with him. I did. I went a few times with him. Later, he invited me to join RCIA to know the Catholic faith. So I searched the net and found Nativity Church having the RCIA soon. This church was also the place where I attended at funeral service.

God has been planning for me to go back to Him. Having attended RCIA, I felt very happy and relaxed that I finally entered the House of God as a believer and not just a bystander. Each time I saw others receiving communion, I had the desire one day to go forward to receive communion. During the journey of faith, the sponsors in my group had been very supportive. There was no pressure from the church leaders to insist of getting new friends to join the church the following week. It’s not that I do not want the salvation of my friends but I do not want to be pressurized.

Each time I saw others receiving communion, I had the desire one day to go forward to receive communion.

I learnt more about Christianity from the weekly sessions and Sunday sharing. I began to understand Jesus’ teachings and the context better. Reading the bible should not be too literal but to find the true meaning. RCIA taught me that I should not rely on my own abilities. I need to ‘let go, let God’.

God will surely make a way for me no matter how bleak the situation might be. I thank God for putting people in my life to help me, guide me.

During praise and worship in RCIA, I wanted to lift my hands to praise but I was still timid and shy. I hope I will overcome this shyness and not be afraid to proclaim my faith.

I felt very happy with the celebration of each rite for it signified a step taken closer to God, and eventually I partook in the rites of initiation during Easter Vigil. I thank God for the new life in Him.

I pray for a singing voice so that one day, I can serve in the choir ministry and serve in the House of God and that I might be able to touch people’s hearts with my praise. Anyway, no matter what gift I receive from the Holy Spirit, I will use it well to serve God.

Shirley Theresa
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