Just less than two years ago on a Sunday morning, I noticed my catholic sister-in-law preparing to go for mass. I decided to tag along not really knowing what compelled me to, as I had neither the knowledge of the Catholic faith nor the intent to be a Catholic. Nonetheless, after several “tagging along” with her to OLPS, I realised that I wanted to find out more about Jesus. An encounter with the movie “Passion of Christ”, where Jesus’ selfless suffering awakened and touched me. How can a man endure so much pain silently, yet so unconditionally loves those who doubted and turned away from him? I started wanting to learn more, and my sister-in-law led me to consider RCIA. Having read what RCIA is all about, I was very keen to join the journey, and was most encouraged that my wife and both my brother-in-laws too expressed the same interest.

Despite my enthusiasm, I was shocked on our first RCIA session to realize that this was to be a journey of 14 months! Yet how time flies as I eagerly await for the day of baptism. A new beginning not only for myself, but to be baptized together with my loving wife and two brothers-in-law has a strong spiritual significance to me. In this journey, we’ve experienced a truly enlightening formation in our new faith in Christ, a journey I look back with gratitude to be called by the Lord to embark.  To be baptized with my family is indeed very special for me, and I thank the Lord for bringing us together.

Jason with his spouse Serene and brothers-in-law who journeyed and baptised together

Through RCIA, I also see and encounter how loving our God is. He has given me new belief and strength to take on my new life ahead, with Him. As each weekly session went by, the friendship and spirit of Christian community within our fellow RCIA members of St. Francis strengthened too. I’m grateful to have benefited from Father Bruno’s spiritual guidance. The OLPS RCIA Core Team has been ever so supportive in journeying with us – and I’m so thankful for their unwavering commitment in us.

RCIA has been a very special journey of new learning and experiences. What I had thought to be a long 14-month journey, has so quickly gone by and my heart is already beginning to miss this beautiful journey. I’m blessed and proud the be part of Journey 66. May the love of God continues to touch us. God bless.

Jason Julian Teo
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