She explained that what I was looking for was peace and freedom, and that I had tried everything, except Jesus.

I was baptised as an infant, but I grew up caring very little about the faith. Sure, I attended Mass and went for catechism classes, but in my early youth, I found the faith boring. Instead, I played truant from school, struggled with an addiction, and as a result, did very badly in my studies.

My life turned around during the Confirmation retreat. We were asked to write a love letter to God, and as I reflected on my past 16 years, I realised that He loved me deeply, despite my sinfulness. I broke down and could not stop crying. My catechist, noticing my tears, ministered to me. I shared with her what I had experienced during the session and my life’s struggles. She explained that what I was looking for was peace and freedom, and that I had tried everything, except Jesus. This was the beginning of my healing and liberation. From then on, I chose Jesus as the King of my life.

Sylvester Singh (centre) with staff and volunteers from the Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE)

Eager to tell others about Jesus, I joined acts29, a faith community involved in overseas mission, where I spent much of my formative years learning to live simply, in solidarity with the poor, and carry out the mission of Christ. I was taught how to pray the Sacred Scriptures, discern my Christian vocation, and forge meaningful relationships with members of my community who supported me in my faith journey. Part of my transformation involved giving up my old bad habits and cutting off from friends who were a bad influence on me. By the grace of God, I have since been leading a life that is more meaningful, purposeful and Christ-centred.

I worked in the arts and entertainment industry for a while, but after much prayer and discernment, I decided to resign and dedicate myself to work for God. Having encountered God in a powerful way, I came to realise the urgency of the New Evangelisation. I pray that through my service at ONE, others too may come to experience the love of God our Father, and have their lives transformed by Jesus.

Sylvester Singh
This sharing was first published on the Catholic News.

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