Unbind him and let him go (John 11:44)

The story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead is very much my story in the School of Witness (SOW). All my life, I had allowed many negative scripts to define me. I constantly lived in fear of what others thought of me, and was never one to speak my mind. I desired love and affection from those around me so much that I moulded my identity according to them. When they changed, I did too. I was a prisoner of my own thoughts and a slave to pleasing others, which left me extremely worn out.

In the school, the Lord began to reveal these chains that bound me. Powerful truths were spoken into the very lies that I had held for so long as my reality. Truths that: I am deeply and personally loved by God. I am enough. It is good that I am Geraldine, for Jesus didn’t create me to be anyone else. I am a child of God. I have a Father who cares for me. I have a God who desires FREEDOM for me.

As I came face to face with the deep and infinite love of God, the lies began to loosen their grip on me. Like Lazarus, Jesus called me out of my dark tomb of insecurity, doubt and shame and brought me into the light of His love. This is the TRUE REALITY of where God calls me and you to be!

Geraldine (Extreme left)

Today, when the lies of the world creep in and tempt me to step back into the tomb, I remember that I am a child of light, and I cling close to Jesus who fought for me then, and who continues to fight for me NOW and every day.

Are you in search of more? Are you thirsting to taste and see the beauty of life that God promises you? Do you hear Jesus calling your name? Take this into prayer and see if He is inviting you to come for the school.

Geraldine Soh
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The School of Witness is an 8-week live-in discipleship school, that aims to provide an environment of faith in which young people can be encouraged and challenged to go beyond their comfort zones to grow in the awareness of who God is and who they are.
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