darylhoEven though almost 2 weeks have passed since the end of the AWAKEN camp and the euphoria has died down somewhat, I still feel strongly compelled to write this testimony, in the sincere hope that it would inspire others who do not know the Lord or are still struggling in their faith to come to know Him fully and without reserve.

I was worried about my own problems in life. I was facing problems in my love-life relationship and just did not know how to go about making it right again. Also, I had just been elected president of the choir and wanted to give members in the choir and even the church parishioners a sense of understanding and purpose of going to church every Sunday. I seriously wondered if I should be praying instead for the gift of guidance by the spirit in helping me to overcome these problems.

Not knowing what to pray for, I submitted my uncertainty to the Lord in prayer, telling Him that He already knows all my wants and needs before I had even made that prayer. I thanked Him for all the gifts that He had given me in my life and knew that whichever gift(s) He decided to give to me, I would be grateful with all my heart. I prayed to receive His gifts only if they were in accordance with His will, otherwise to pass me by if they were not meant for me.

Indeed, my camp experience can be summed up in 3 words – I truly believe.

While the Archbishop went around praying over others, I felt a sense of total calmness and being at peace with myself. I was just enjoying and singing along to the music being played by the Worship team. I could feel that something was stirring within me. At the same time, I could feel that I had not fully surrendered myself to let the Lord work over me; I was still holding on to that last bit of control. I told myself I just had to let that last bit of control go and to surrender myself completely to God, despite the fear and uncertainty of not knowing what was going to happen next. Somehow, I trusted in His love for me and knew that He would not allow me to fall.

Then, I felt my tongue moving! It just started wagging without me controlling it whatsoever. There was no sound coming out of my mouth, but my tongue could not stop moving. It was there and then that I knew it had to be the gift of the tongue and definitely not me who was faking it. I was overwhelmed by a sense of immense joy at that instant. I just could not stop the tears from flowing freely, simply because God has shown to me that He is real. I felt so sorry for all my sins against the Lord; yet at the same time, so comforted knowing that despite my unworthiness, He still loves me. Although God had given me the least of the gifts, it seemed to provide all the answers to my insecurities. Knowing that God truly exists and has been journeying with me all these years, I no longer need to be anxious or worried over the problems in my life. I know that if I continue to give my best in everything I do and leave the rest to Him, things would fall naturally into place according to His will and in His time.

Indeed, my camp experience can be summed up in 3 words – I truly believe.

Daryl Ho

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