I signed up for Treasure to firstly rediscover my relationship with Jesus and secondly, to receive healing from some difficult events that happened to me last year. It had been awhile since I set aside a prolonged period of time to be in touch with my relationship with Jesus.

Eugene Lee (far left) at Treasure #9

I’m glad Treasure was so much more than what I had signed up for. I remember in the outpouring session receiving many truths from a facilitator, and I could feel God using her as a vessel to speak directly to my heart. I tried hesitating initially but as always, God finds a way to move the walls I have set up around myself. My encounter with God had again reminded me of His immense love, and even amidst my personal struggles, He would weather the storms with me. I was not promised clear skies for the rest of my life, but a saviour who would carry me through whatever that life would throw at me.

My relationship with God has been reaffirmed by my community, and I hope to continue to experience and encounter Jesus through these like-minded men and women who inspire me daily in their commitment to Jesus.

Eugene Lee
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Calling young working adults!

If you are between the ages of 21 to 35 years, and are seeking to deepen their relationship with the Lord. Treasure is a Catholic encounter retreat organised by the Office for Young People. The retreat will be held on 20-23 September 2018.
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