My daughter was three and a half years old when she was stricken with appendices mass, an inflammation of the appendix. After a whole night of agonising pain she was hospitalised and the doctors decided to give her the conservative treatment, which means antibiotics for the swelling to subside so that surgery can be undertaken to remove the appendix.

Removing the appendix while it was inflamed could endanger her life. At that time, little did we understand also, that her appendix could also burst at any moment and that could have endangered her life or brought on complications.

Unceasing Prayer

For the first 8 days, her fever and the inflammation stubbornly refused to go down. I remembered praying and praying non-stop for her recovery. I had to fan my daughter non-stop because the fever must have been causing her to feel hot.

Friends visited us in the hospital. Then someone who came to visit told us about a healing priest, Father Louis.

I was desperate and worried enough and so without hesitating or thinking, I rang him. All I could think of at that moment was for my daughter to get well. I did not realise how busy he was but I found out, later on, that there was a constant huge crowd of sick people queuing up to see him. When I rang him he said he could not come to the hospital and that he would pray for my daughter from afar.

The Healing Priest was very much in demand and was unable to come to the hospital to see my daughter, but a man came by and said to him: Father, where do you want to go today, I have my car and I am free to drive you anywhere

A Surprise Visit
Later that morning, to my great surprise, Father Louis turned up at the hospital. He said to me that after he put the phone down a man came to him and said: “Father, where do you want to go today, I have my car and I am free to drive you anywhere.

Father Louis said God must have wanted him to come and see my daughter and so he came. He came into the hospital room, came straight to where my daughter was resting, put both his hands on her head and said some prayers and she immediately fell asleep.

Fr Louis Hla Thwin Soosay

Then he sat down to chat to me. That was the first time I was able to sit down from fanning my daughter because she had not slept a wink for the past 8 days. It was also the first moment that she could fall asleep in 8 or 9 days. We must have been chatting for about 15 or 20 minutes when the nurse came into the room to take her temperature.

She squealed in delight because the temperature had gone down, for the first time since my daughter was hospitalised.

From that moment onwards, the swelling of the appendix went down and a few months later my daughter was able to go back to hospital to have her appendix taken out.

After my daughter got well, we went to see Father Louis to thank him. In front of his church was a sea of makeshift tents. These were sick people and their families, waiting for their turns to be administered by the healing priest.

Only then it dawned on me that Our Lady must have sent Father Louis out to see my daughter and for her to get completely cured.

My desperate non-stop prayers were answered. Alleluia!

Cheri Mangrai 

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