I must say, there was a period in my life that I almost lost all hope in God: My husband lost his business, my son packed and left home, I was accused by a ministry leader, and I drifted away from God. I was down and out, as all my prayers went unanswered.

But God, in His mercy, never stopped loving me. He kept sending His instruments to talk to me, encourage me and guide me back to Him. I went for my confession and I cried so hard… The priest paused and allowed me to compose myself. It was the best confession I ever had. The presence of The Lord was so real in the priest as he advised me and comforted me. It’s like Jesus is talking to me through him.

I have reconciled with Him abundantly after my confession. And today, as I look back, I feel so silly not to trust in God. I was so full of myself. My husband humbled himself to work for his friend, my son returned home after staying away for six months and as for the church leader, I have forgiven him and we nod as each other when we meet for Mass. I have learned through my darkest moments that God is always with us. He will provide the solutions for us, and all He needs from us is our patience.


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