Phebe shares how she overcame the resistance and accepted the Lord’s will for her.

My RCIA journey started with much resistance and reluctance. After some discernment and prayer, I attended the classes weekly as a candidate and understood better the Catholic faith, the rites and rituals through Msgr Philip Heng’s insightful presentations.

Gripped with immense fear, the rejection and objections from my family and Protestant Christian friends. Emotionally, I experienced intense struggle within me when the final decision of whether to become a Catholic had to be made was nearing. God knew my needs and through my sponsor, Godma Annie Tay’s faith sharing, she helped me focus on God again, henceforth entrusting my fears to Him. Enlightened and blessed with a peaceful heart and mind by the Holy Spirit, on Holy Tuesday, with God’s graces, I made bold and decisive decision that was needed, as it was the right thing to do; the acceptance of God’s Will for me.

My personal encounter with God continued throughout Holy week. During contemplation on the “Passion of Christ”, Jesus bleeding on the cross, looked and asked me: “Do you love me?” I cried and professed “You know I love You, Lord” with a great sense of guilt for being indecisive. Jesus then spoke to me, ‘Feed my sheep’. With such overwhelming mission from Him, I made my firm commitment to journey forward.

Easter Vigil was a jubilant time blessed with the awesome peace of God throughout. Grateful that Archbishop William Goh confirmed and accepted me into the Catholic faith, I received the Holy Eucharist. I am very blessed with an understanding and supportive Catholic husband, a loving and encouraging Godma, an accommodating and supportive RCIA team together with communities who prayed, fasted intensely, interceded for me throughout the challenges and struggles of my RCIA journey.

My loving and forgiving Saviour patiently waited a reluctant, stubborn me. Eventually He makes all things beautiful in His time. I strongly encourage you to encounter Jesus who loves you and experience full communion with His True and Real Presence in His Holy Eucharist. The Saviour is waiting to enter your heart, why don’t you let Him in?

Phebe Lau
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God continually calls us into a relationship with Him. This journey begins through baptism and lasts throughout our lives.
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