I had a difficult manager in my new job, who seemed to find fault with my work all the time. Though our relationship had started out well during the first three months, things changed after I received praise by senior management on one of my projects. Since then, my manager began to exhibit passive forms of aggression towards me, which greatly troubled me at work.

I became very frustrated and reached a point of utter despair. I almost fell into depression and seriously contemplated quitting without a job, even though I was the sole breadwinner of my family. There were very few alternative job opportunities for me at the time, and I felt cornered with no clear way out of my predicament. A couple of recruitment consultants contacted my wife with job opportunities for her, but she held back as she did not want me to feel like a failure in supporting our household.

This was when three miracles took place very quickly within a very short period of time, which changed our lives completely and truly showed us the Lord’s love for us and how He watches over us.

The first miracle came in the form of a three-week reservist period. As I was very close to a mental breakdown by this time, I was very grateful to the Lord for this window of rest during which I had a much-needed respite from work to compose myself. During this period, I remember praying very fervently to the Lord every day to deliver me from my situation. I was like the woman in Matthew 9:20 who had haemorrhages for 12 years and merely wanted to touch Jesus’ cloak to receive healing – except that I was desperately clinging on to the Lord’s cloak, and in tears every day.

The second miracle came soon after. While my wife did not follow up on the job opportunities that came her way, she prayed to the Lord and said that she was willing to give up all of her opportunities if I could receive a job opportunity in turn. Within a week of my wife’s prayer, an ex-colleague of mine informed me of a job opening in her company. This was a newly created role which was ideal for me, and the office location was also close to my home. This was, to me, a tremendous blessing from the Lord!

Every time I find myself beginning to worry and despair over something, I am reminded how the Lord is always gracious and how He delivered me from the darkness that I was in.

The third miracle concerned the job interview process and the terms of how I secured my role. Within a short span of four days from the time I learnt of this new role, I completed all of my scheduled interviews with local and overseas stakeholders. Two days later, I received a job offer! Given my situation, I was very desperate to change jobs and would be perfectly happy to do so with a huge pay cut. However, through our Lord’s abundant generosity and love, the new company offered to maintain my current salary and included an additional transport allowance too.

I subsequently quit my job, and started in my new role. The stream of opportunities which my wife received previously, dried up almost overnight. This was a clear affirmation that the Lord listens to our prayers and answers our cries for help.

I have been in this new job for close to two years, and am doing well despite the normal work challenges.

My wife and I are very thankful to the Lord for His blessings. This episode of my life serves to remind me that nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37), and that I need not fear for He is with me at all times (Is 41:10). Every time I find myself beginning to worry and despair over something, I am reminded how the Lord is always gracious and how He delivered me from the darkness that I was in.

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