I was never a passionate Catholic at young age. Born a cradle Catholic, I never liked the early morning on Sunday for Catechism nor mass, which was seemingly boring for me.

Life took a turn 10 years back in 2007. I was a 17-year old student in JC who had decided to quit school and work. My parents and family were concerned and worried since Singapore is a country of certificate recognition. I took my stubborn steps and started my work life.

Work was tough and draining. The company that I joined had no work life balance. I was literally working everyday. But to stick firm with my plan, I stayed in the company for 4 years. I missed Church, occasion celebrations and even outings with my friends during the 4 years of work. I felt so restricted since I had only 1 day off every fortnight.

Finally, leaving the company I felt “freedom” again. The first thing I had done was to join my family in mass which happened to be the Christmas Midnight Mass of year 2011. It was indescribable but it felt as it my heart was burning like the disciples at Emmaus. Not long after the Christmas Festivities, I started looking out for books to grow in my faith journey. I took part in Life In the Spirit Seminar (LISS) and the messages that I received in the retreat spoke to my heart.

There are many up and downs in my faith journey. In 2014, I started my part-time studies. This had caused me to appear less on weekday evening activity in Church. However this time, I see myself praying more often seeking direction and guidance from the Lord. Instead of heading to Church, I volunteered in the hospital, ministering to the many sick and lonely faces. I feel great joy in serving the poor.

This year in 2017, I finally graduated with flying colours. As I looked back, I can simply only say “Thank you Lord for not forsaking me. Thank you for guiding me through the years. Thank you for leading me to where I am right now. Continue to use me Father, as your labourer in the vineyard.”

Felicia Kang
Church of Immaculate Heart of Mary

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