When I signed up for the retreat, I was oblivious to the fact that my faith had become lukewarm. I was not facing any major difficulties at the time, and was content with the simple and comfortable life I was leading. Nothing could have prepared me for just how intimately the Lord called me out of my comfort throughout the retreat.

Through the speakers, sharers, and intercessory teams, the Lord shed light on my own pride and lack of faith. What I mistook as ‘contentment’ was, in reality, crippling fear of failure that prevented me from even trying. The Lord revealed to me through a sister from the intercessory team, that the same walls that I had built to guard my heart were what prevented Jesus from entering and working in my life.

Carissa Castro (left) at Treasure #9

It was during the retreat that I experienced my deepest personal encounter with the Risen Christ. He gently calls me out of the safety of my tomb, and reassures me that He invites me out of the darkness into light not to harm me, but because I was made for more. He created me to be with Him and to be loved by Him; to die to myself and to be resurrected with Him. It is an ongoing struggle to take each step and let Him lead the way, but the encounter with Christ has empowered me with renewed strength from His resurrection. He, who is ever faithful and loves with an everlasting love, reassures me that He will grant the necessary courage for me to daily proclaim, “Your will be done.”

Carissa Castro
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Calling young working adults!

If you are between the ages of 21 to 35 years, and are seeking to deepen their relationship with the Lord. Treasure is a Catholic encounter retreat organised by the Office for Young People. The retreat will be held on 20-23 September 2018.
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