She was having a relapse of thyroid cancer at the age of 27. He was struggling to establish his career in an “elitist” society. Faced with these challenges, Wendy and Kelvin turned to God to ask, “Why is this happening? Why me?”

“I was at a difficult moment in my life when I found out I had a relapse of the cancer. So many questions, frustrations and worries entered my mind,” shared Wendy. She had been exposed to the faith before because she was from a Catholic primary school and “attended a few Masses”.

It was also during this period that she started talking to Kelvin, her primary school classmate. The two had lost touch after leaving primary school but found each’s other profile on Facebook and contacted one another.

“He was really supportive and would text or call everyday to check up on me,” said Wendy.

Kelvin and Wendy journeyed through the RCIA as a couple.

For Kelvin, he shared that early in his career, “I was looking to get into a leading position in the banking industry.” When that goal did not materialise, many of his friends stopped contacting him. He later took on an internship position under an employer who constantly berated him.

Kelvin took his troubles to prayer even though he had little knowledge about the Catholic faith. However, his previous girlfriend was a Catholic and had brought him to Sacred Heart Church and the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd to attend Mass and pray, he recalled.

Kelvin and Wendy started dating in 2013 and they acknowledged God’s presence in forming their relationship. They began attending Mass at the Church of the Sacred Heart before they moved to Bukit Batok and went to the Church of St Mary of the Angels. They were civilly married in March 2016. The couple heard parish priest Friar Clifford Augustine announcing the start of a RCIA journey during Mass and they signed up.

They shared that going through the RCIA programme as a couple made it “easy for them to talk about God” as they were both on the “same wavelength.” They were also able to support each other.

“The presence of God … has made our lives a lot more positive. He has become an anchor in our relationship,” shared Wendy.

The main challenge they faced during the course of their RCIA journey was a “test of time and endurance”.

“There were certain sessions during which we felt quite tired, especially after a bad or long day at work,” said Wendy. Concurring, Kelvin said that “there were days when they thought of missing a session but the idea of totally giving up the journey never crossed our minds.”

They credited their sponsors, a married couple, who “guided and formed us” in the faith.

“Being a married couple also meant that they could relate to us better,” said Kelvin.

“The presence of God … has made our lives a lot more positive. He has become an anchor in our relationship,” shared Wendy.

They said that they hope to live out their Catholic faith by joining a ministry in the parish. Wendy said that she hopes to join the choir as a way of being part of the wider church community. Kelvin shared that he intends to join the RCIA ministry to serve as a sponsor.

This story was first published in the Catholic News.
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Perhaps you have felt a stirring in your hearts for some time now.

God continually calls us into a relationship with Him. This journey begins through baptism and lasts throughout our lives.
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