“I am all yours, my Queen, my Mother, and all that I have is yours.”

This line is what a Legionary says during our annual consecration to Mother Mary. We go up individually or in pairs to make our individual consecration of our lives to Mary.

This consecration is the summary of my relationship and love for Mary.

Being Catholic all my life meant that I met Mother Mary from early in my life. Through the devotions, images and intercessions asked for, all these helped me to know her more but I would say my love for Mary really grew whilst serving in the Legion and I would say it is through her Legion that she guided me closer to her Son.

When I was in SJI, I joined the Legion of Mary. It is there that my faith grew. I got to know Mary and God deeply through the theology about Mary inside the Legion Handbook and the Allocutio (the name for the spiritual input part) by our Spiritual Director, Br. Michael Broughton.

Through time, and my own encounter with our Lady, I got to know about Mary’s humility, her own total dedication to God with her fiat to be the Mother of God, she being the perfect disciple and the model of the Church. There was a line in the Legion Handbook that struck me and it was about how Mary was very meticulous and if you went to the Holy Family’s house, everything in the home would carefully placed and had its purpose.

Mary knew what to do with what she was given. This plays a big role because the Legion is a spiritual army and with Mary as our general, there is no strategy that will fail because she knows what to do. I learnt that I could completely trust in Mary and that she will intercede on my behalf, no matter what.

This trust helped me during a difficult period in my life. I had to leave JC in my second year because I failed my Chinese O Levels (Then, I had failed my Chinese ‘O’s but did well enough to go to JC on the condition that I retake and pass it). I remember the day I got the results; I was sitting in the Prayer Room wondering what to do next, then a peace came upon me. I knew that I was not alone in this and I felt the presence of Mary and Jesus being with me in the room. Then my friends from the Legion came in to be with me, my spiritual family who had Mary as our mother, sat with me in silence, just to be there to support me.

The next few days were a flurry of activity because I had to sign-up for A levels privately. There were so many rules that I had to follow but I remember being prompted to the solutions and being guided in the process, and this promptings and guidance came from God through Mary’s intercession for me. And even though this whole situation could have caused so much problems, it became manageable.

“She was the first one who “kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

Another way Mary has been a big influence in my life is that I grow closer to God through learning more about the faith. I enjoy listening to podcasts and watching videos on Formed.org which help me to know God more through deeper understanding of theology. I see Mary as the first theologian because she was the first one who “kept all these things, pondering them in her heart” (Luke 2:19).

She also grew in knowledge and understanding of who her Son is and kept pondering on them, letting these truths express themselves in her actions and her love for God. That is what good theology does, it helps me to a better Christian because through my understanding and faith, God comes alive in my actions.

This is my love for Mother Mary. As my mother, she always intercedes for me, she always directs me to her Son and she shows me the way to be a better Christian all the time.

Keenan Tan

Top photo: Fr Lawrence Lew/OP

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