The School of Christian Leadership (2014) reaffirmed my identity in Christ, and grounded me in the truth that I am a daughter of the Most High. It was the beginning of a spiritual journey that challenged me to be a courageous young woman and to step forward towards God in quiet trust that He would not leave me in even in the darkest of times. I was encouraged by the boldness of faith of my brothers and sisters as their shared their stories with me, and I was edified by their desire to be holy.

“He would not leave me in even in the darkest of times”

It was a humbling experience to witness brokenness transformed into beauty by Grace, and I was privileged to share in those moments with them. I would like to urge you to surrender this one week of your lives to allow His seed of love to be planted in your hearts. I have grown much from the tiny spark that had been lit during the school, and it is my prayer that others will come to experience God and be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to be set apart for their Master, so that they can truly become Christian leaders that seek righteousness and live their lives in reckless abandon for Him.

Michelle Neo
(First published in OYP’s April bulletin)

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