In a twinkle of an eye, 15 months have passed since I first visited Queen of Peace Church. A jovial friend invited me to the Christmas midnight mass. I stepped into the church, knowing nothing about the Catholic faith. The jovial friend Melanie is now my girlfriend.

It has been my desire to embrace a common faith, or at least to share the same values and outlook in life with the person I wish to be with. Since Melanie is a Catholic, I decided to join RCIA to explore the faith.

I was doubtful about God and had a non-committal attitude about believing in God. I was the master of my own destiny and lived to enjoy worldly materials. To a large extent, I was self-centred. I cared only about my own well-being. I worked and kept everything for myself. I thought that the universe revolved around me.

But something was lacking. I did not find fulfilment in my worldly possessions. I was lost. I started searching for direction and purpose in life. This led me to search for spiritual fulfilment. Little did I realise that God was transforming and renewing my life.

Since May last year, I attended RCIA lessons on Fridays and “breaking the Word” sessions on Sundays. The RCIA journey shaped my life. I learnt to look at the world through the lens of faith. I slowly discovered why Christ died on the cross for me and for all men. Christ’s passion took on a whole new meaning for me.

One night, I stared at the words – hope faith and love – in my little journal book. I could not control my emotions. I was moved by the promise of God’s forgiveness for me. It was then that I reflected and saw the ugly side of my life. The more I learned about Jesus, the more glorious He is to me. I soon realised that it took more than just head knowledge to know Christ. I needed to follow Christ with all my heart.

Through RCIA, I also forged new friendships with others in my group. We shared food, laughed and enjoyed each other’s fellowship. Over time, all of us became more confident. We supported each other and shared our personal stories we walked together in faith.

Thank you Queen of Peace Church, RCIA leaders, fellow neophytes, my God-parent and sponsor, for journeying with me and keeping me in your prayers.

I found hope, joy and peace from the everlasting love God has for me. I am glad that I made the decision to follow Christ. I truly hope that those who are lost and searching for meaning in life will come to discover Christ as I did.

Ming Wei

Top photo: Good Friday Children’s Paraliturgy at Church of Divine Mercy

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